Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What's this all about??

I thought I would try and get this blogspot off the ground, and see if our extended family will use it to keep each other posted. Should be fun if we participate with it! It can be like updating our extended family newsletters all year! We'll See. Ok, a little about me, the founder. I am Katie, the 4th of 6 kids born to Colleen Marie Lucas Nelson Storey. Ya'll know that already tho. Something new about me- I was called to be the Relief Society Enrichment
Counselor this month, so my level of business has reached new highs as I embark on learning my responsibilities. We have weekly presidency meetings on Weds night, and usually last 2+ hours.
I also got a new addition to my little family during Christmas holiday. This was a cute little guy named O'Malley from the Utah Humane Society. He will decidedly be an indoor only cat-No outside jaunts allowed. I can't take the pain of loosing any more. Samwise was a good kitty, and I was heartbroken when he was ran over Dec. 20th, 2007.
Well, going to close this, and update more in the future. Hope you all post something to make this fun and interesting! Post photos, thoughts, info- you name it!
Love, Katie