Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What's this all about??

I thought I would try and get this blogspot off the ground, and see if our extended family will use it to keep each other posted. Should be fun if we participate with it! It can be like updating our extended family newsletters all year! We'll See. Ok, a little about me, the founder. I am Katie, the 4th of 6 kids born to Colleen Marie Lucas Nelson Storey. Ya'll know that already tho. Something new about me- I was called to be the Relief Society Enrichment
Counselor this month, so my level of business has reached new highs as I embark on learning my responsibilities. We have weekly presidency meetings on Weds night, and usually last 2+ hours.
I also got a new addition to my little family during Christmas holiday. This was a cute little guy named O'Malley from the Utah Humane Society. He will decidedly be an indoor only cat-No outside jaunts allowed. I can't take the pain of loosing any more. Samwise was a good kitty, and I was heartbroken when he was ran over Dec. 20th, 2007.
Well, going to close this, and update more in the future. Hope you all post something to make this fun and interesting! Post photos, thoughts, info- you name it!
Love, Katie


Katherine said...

Darin had another scan and doctor appointment yesterday. Everything looked good. Apparently lymphoma in the bone has a higher percentage of recurrence, so she checked him over carefully.

Colleen M L N Storey said...

This is Colleen-I am new to this game, so don't mind the mistakes-I am busy doing family and church activities all the time, leaves little alone time, but I get a call from Katina (church acquaintance) just about (and waisting my time)every day-I need to train myself not to feel guilty by NOT returning her calls every day or next day-she has a way of doing that.I hope more people participate in this, maybe we will be able to find out some genealogy connections if people contribute--who knows, miracles have been known to happen in our family more than once. Love you all!

Katherine said...

How long have you been together? We just had our 7th anniversary on January 6th
How long did you date? 1 1/2 years.
How old is he? 42
Who eats more? Darin. If I ate like him, I'd be rolling, not walking.
Who said I love you first? Darin did at the movies.
Who is taller? I am. Duh!
Who sings better? Darin, by far.
Who is smarter? I think it's a draw.
Who does the laundry? I do, and I fold, but the kids help me put them away.
Who does the dishes? We both do, but Darin does more often... I make dinner and he cleans up.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do. But I'm actually going to switch tonight because Devin has started coming to our bed at 4 am, and the left side is closer to the door.
Who pays the bills? I do
Who mows the lawn? Darin. I've never done it in my life... lawnmowers scare me.
Who cooks dinner? I usually do, but sometimes Darin does it... he's a pretty good cook.
Who drives when you are together? Darin. I hate the traffic and all those scary drivers.
Who is more stubborn? Hmmm... I suppose I am.
Who kissed who first? Well, apparently Darin tried to kiss me at the door and I closed the door on him. I didn't know until after we were engaged and his sister told me.
Who asked who out? Darin's brother's wife gave him my number. He asked if I wanted to go water skiing or to to a play. What do you think I chose? No way I'd be seen in a swim suit on a first date!
Who proposed? Darin did with a poem he wrote.
Who is more sensitive? I guess I am.
Who has more siblings? Darin. He's the middle child of 9.
Who wears the pants in the family? We both do, I think it's pretty equal. But he wears the ties.

Justin Nixon said...

Hey there Katie.. i had to start blogging as part of a requirement for a class im taking. So you can be assured that i will have a weekly entry until school lets out in the end of april. Hope to hear more about you to...Chao

Colleen M L N Storey said...

This mom/grandma Storey again--I had a problem a few minues ago, because I forgot my passowrd and kept putting in a wrong one, so I re-applied or re-signed on, with my regular password, so I wouldn't forget it hopefully, but don't know where the blog went that I wrote a few minutes ago, because it didn't show up on here as a comment--maybe it will after a while, not sure what to make of that, but sure don't remember what password I used last time I wrote the one on here before. Age does that to people I guess. Will try to send this on now to see if it works.

Colleen M L N Storey said...

This is mom/grandma trying again since other original disappeared. Matt & Nick are here with me this weekend because Karen & Kurt flew to San Diego this afternoon for some wedding in Kurt's family-his nephew. The boys will be with me until Monday evening, March 3rd, but tonight just Nicholas here because Matthew has gone camping with the scouts until tomorrow, but don't know what time he returns tomorrow. Guess he can walk home if he needs to, since the church building is just on the next block. I have to teach Karen and Kurt's Primary class 6 year olds Sunday and need to get to church 20 minutes early because Matthew was ordained a deacon last sunday and will begin learning how to psss the sacrament tomorrow and was told to be there early. He seems to be eager to begin passing the Sacrament. I imagine this is old hat to Eric by now since he's already 12 or 13--can't even remember how old for sure any more.Katherine writes interesting and entertaining blogs, I can't seem to think of funny things on the spur of the moment like that. I don't think I told you Katie and Dean, that I fell down that weekend they cancelled church because of the heavy snowfall and the priesthood men came around to the homes and shovelled out the driveways and walkways for the people. Later, after they were gone, the snow plow came along and filled up my driveway with snow from the street, so I decided I had better get out and clear it back out of the way before it got dark and hardened. Some of the snow clumps were great big and I knew it would be hard to get over them. Anyway, I was out standing on the edge of the street on the left side of the driveway, near the mailbox with my back to the street, and the street slopes down into the gutter, and my feet slid out from under me so fast I couldn't react enough to catch myself from falling. I landed on my butt quite hard and had a sore tailbone for over 2 weeks, but I don't think anything got broken, unless it got cracked abit more than the crack I was born with. (Hah-that was a funny at last) Whenever I bent over to pick something up or help one of the kids, my jeans pants pressed on my rear end and felt sore from the pressure of the pants tightening when bending over. Seems to be better now though finally. Well, better close, because it is now 2:50 am and I am tired. Nicholas is in the other bedroom asleep and I know he will be up early. Hope this goes through this time. Mom/Grandma Storey

Our Extended Family Blogspot said...

I am finally writing in here again. I was impressed to see how many people wrote in here so far! Well, I thought 2007 would be my bum year I would want to forget, but it seems 2008 isn't beginning so great either. I had an accident on the 27th of February. I was stepping from the sidewalk to the parking lot pavement of Best Buy in Kennewick, and I stepped right where the pavement was ditched out due to damage, and rolled my ankle that I had surgery on 10 years ago. It hurt so bad, it took about 5 minutes to compose myself, and was able to get up on my other leg, and Steph took me to the ER. I guess no broken bones, but ripped out my previous work, and I will just have to see how I heal. In a Roboboot right now, and still very gimpy. I also went to the ER on March 9th because I was having pain in lower right side. Didn't feel like what I would imagine an appendicitis to feel like, but it did have constant pain for almost two days. Turns out it was kidney pain, and I had a raging UTI. The doctor said on a scale from 0 to 4 that they rate these infections, I had a 4+. Usually, I can tell I am getting one because my bladder starts to bug me- but this one started in the kidney. So they gave me IV antibiotics, plus a week of pills to take at home, so I am moving on. I am ready to be healthy again! I want to scream UNCLE!

Anyway, I will be going to North and South Carolina the first weekend of April and staying a week and will be visiting Brisa, Greg and Caden and then Jesse, Nate and Mikey! I can't wait!!

Better get back to work! Glad to see you are all participating! Love it!

Katherine said...

Ok, Katie, time to write a new topic.

So, I walk into the chapel on Sunday and try to sneak past the Bishop to get to where Darin and the girls are sitting on the other side of the room. We are actually one of those families that gets there 10 minutes early to just sit and try to be reverent. And even though it looked like he was busy talking and turned away from me, the Bishop grabbed my arm and said he wanted to talk to me.

then some needy sister grabs me and talks to me for 5 minutes about her problems, and when I finally peel myself away, I look up and the Bishop is just waiting patiently for me to finish.

He pulls me into the foyer and tells me that he felt inspired during Bishopric meeting to ask me to give a talk next Sunday. I immediately ask if this was Darin's fault, since Darin goes to those meetings. Apparently, Darin didn't know about it, so when I sat down, I told Darin that he had to talk. He doesn't really, even though I did suggest it to the Bishop since he still hadn't decided on someone else to ask. But maybe I really don't want Darin to speak with me since last time we spoke together, some old guy, who is now deceased, told me he liked Darin's talk better.

Only later did I realize that it's Easter Sunday, and there will probably be those holiday-only goers or visitors from out of town, so it might be a big crowd. And they will be expecting a special talk. Lucky me.

Vlazny's said...

Good luck Katherine. I will be think about you. Its usually the Sunday they ask you to give a talk and hardly no one shows up and then when its time for you to give the talk, everyone and extended family shows up.

love you


Katherine said...

In case some of you are wondering, the talk went ok, and one guy, who has been a member for just a year or so, told me I made him cry (in a good way!).

A couple weeks ago after I paid tithing during a tight week, Darin commented that that week we'll probably get some money as a blessing. Well, we didn't get any money, but we got a thing in the mail saying that we could refinance our mortgage and combine our second mortgage for not too much more than we're paying for the two of them now, and we could get a 15 year loan. So we felt that we should look into it, and after Diana had sent us an email about a friend of hers in the business, we called her. Anyway, we are closing on Thursday. It should save us about $150,000 over time. I think Heavenly Father is sure guiding us in our lives. We've received a lot of blessings during our year of trials.

Darin cut down one of our trees recently, and afterwards it looked like he'd had a fight with the tree. One of his cuts on his face came from helping a neighbor with their trees, and then he got another cut in our backyard.

He saw the bone doctor Monday. His knee seemed ok, but for some reason the bone has grown longer than usual, so he may have to have it cut down in a few years. And of course, that knee will always be weaker than the other. He goes to the lymphoma doctor again at the end of this month. Seems like the doctor appointments never end. And the doctor bills.

Vlazny's said...

Check our blog out.

Katherine said...

Katherine said...

"New" pictures on our blog...

Darin and Katherine said...

Just an FYI, we are going to put a link to our blog on the adoption website, so make sure you don't give any personal information or use our last name.

Darin and Katherine said...

I am tagging you! Check out my blog!

Karen said...

OK Kat ie, you need to turn this into your blog and make it cute and put some pics on it of you guys and your kitty and your house and garden, and your office, etc. You can look at my blog and/or click on any of the blogs I follow to get blog decorating ideas. Just click on their bloc decorating link and then add things to yours. Then you can rename your blog, etc!

Darin and Katherine said...

Time to update, Katie!